Skill-based matchmaking is a primary complaint of a lot of Fortnite players

Skill-based matchmaking is a primary complaint of a lot of Fortnite players. Many of us have been playing since the game first came out, which means our skill-based matchmaking lobbies are far more difficult than the old-school Fortnite matches.

It’s to the point where a lot of people would rather play with an unskilled friend than someone who’s much better than them, just for a chance to get into an easier match.Advertisement


IMG: Epic Games

Unfortunately, skill-based matchmaking is probably here to stay. Epic free v bucks generator want new players to have a good time, which means they don’t want sweaty soccer skins to trap them in a box and make them want to quit.

There is a way to get into bot lobbies by yourself, however. Data miner iFireMonkey made a video on the topic. All you have to do is create a new account on your phone, invite that account to the game (from your main account), and leave with your bot account.Advertisement


You won’t want to keep playing with your bot account if you want this exploit to work. If you log games with a secondary account, it will take you out of the bot lobbies

Will winning one of these matches give you any satisfaction? Probably not – especially if you’re skilled at free v buck generator the game. These are lobbies you’ll roll through. You’ll probably even win without doing anything, as the storm kills most of the final bots.Advertisement

After playing in genuine bot lobbies with a friend who is brand new to the game, I can tell you that they get old, fast. It doesn’t feel good to win a game full of bots after 2+ years of experience playing Fortnite.

Still, it’s fun to play Fortnite God every now and then. You can even level-up your bot account a bit so the lobbies populate with real, unskilled players. If you’re looking to take it easy in a Fortnite bot lobby, now you know how.