Since Epic continues to refuse to give out patch notes for Fortnite these days

Since Epic continues to refuse to give out patch notes for Fortnite these days, the playerbase continues to have to make grand lists for themselves, which includes dataminers like Firemonkey and Lucas7Yoshi, and fansites like Fortnite Intel.

As such, we can cobble together some unofficial patch notes for Fortnite v13.00 here in season 3, and there do appear to be some pretty major changes.

Vaulted and Unvaulted

Chug splashes, the P90 and the Hunting Rifle have all been unvaulted

The pump shotgun has been vaulted.

New Weapons

We have three new mythic weapons from battle pass bosses that have been found so far:

  • Jules Glider Gun
  • Ocean’s Burst Assault Rifle
  • Kit’s Shockwave Launcher

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And we also now have two new additions, at least:

  • Flare Gun
  • Charge Shotgun

The Nerfs

Apparently SMGs, shotguns and ARs have had their headshot damage nerfed

Burst shots now only fire two bullets, though fire rate has been increased. But this might be a nerf overall.

According to dataminers, aim free v bucks generator assist has been nerfed yet again, and yes, this is in addition to changes that were already made. I am not sure whether this is for controller on PC alone, as that is not specified.

New Mechanics

We now have sharks in the game, which you can ride around the flooded map, or get eaten by them. It’s a gamble.

We also now have whirlpools, which are essentially just boosts that let you fly up and redeploy your glider. Helpful for getting around all the new islands.

So far, this appears to be the major list, but it’s still early and more things are coming in as players get into the game. It’s hard to test literally every single thing in the game, which makes gun balance changes in particular a bit hard to track, but everyone is doing their best. I still don’t understand why Epic refuses to give out patch notes, but it’s a trend that’s been going on for a while now that I do not particularly appreciate. Fans are making their own patch notes anyway, and all that it means is that they’re probably getting it wrong some of the time, as opposed to Epic just telling them directly what has or hasn’t changed, taking the guesswork and elaborate amateur testing out of the equation.

Check back to this post later to see if anyone has found anything else that’s been changed. Other than you know, the dramatically changed map.