map showing the locations of these three bridges

Well I lost power for about 20 hours so pardon me if my Fortnite Chapter 2, season 2, week 8 challenge is a bit late here. For the second part of Skye’s Adventure you need to do a challenge that’s flying a Choppa under the purple, red and blue steel bridges on the map. You probably have seen all of them at one point or another, but can you name exactly where they all are right now off the top of your head? I didn’t think so.

Go here to see where to search Skye’s Sword in a Stone found in high places.Go here to see all the week 8 challenges.

That’s where my guide comes in. Here’s a map showing the locations of these three bridges, and there are other colors elsewhere on the map that you don’t have to worry about for this challenge. I have also marked helicopters on the map for easy access:

Fortnite EPIC

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You can easily do all these in a row because they’re kind of in a direct line from one another. I think your best bet is probably to go get a Choppa at The Rig or The Agency and go from there. There could be others inland I’m not remembering right now, but those should always be there.

The Purple Bridge is right between Slurpy Swamp and Weeping Woods.

The Red Bridge is north of that between Salty Springs and Pleasant Park.

The Blue Bridge is then east of Pleasant Park and south of Craggy Cliffs.

Fortnite EPIC

It’s a tight fit under these bridges but if you’re a careful flyer, you should be okay and be able to get v buck generator all these in one go. Just watch for other helcopters with potential gun-toting passengers trying to complete the same challenge. You may also want to hold onto the Choppa for other challenge’s like getting Skye’s sword in a stone in high places.

I would say that Skye’s challenges are probably some of the easier ones we’ve seen so far and you only need 18 of them to then move on to her SHADOW vs. GHOST loyalty challenge this week, as it’s time for that, and then there’s only one left when we will do the same thing for Midas after two more weeks. As ever, it seems likely that SHADOW is going to make a clean sweep, but we’ll have to wait and see. Did we ever figure out whether Meowscles went SHADOW or GHOST? Deadpool kinda took over his Yacht so it’s hard to say.